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Variation [GRSCLM009]

by Oscpllex

Variation 05 09:33
Variation 06 08:04
Variation 07 06:55
Variation 08 08:54
Variation 09 07:32


The latest edition of Greyscale takes us deep into the far east with Shanghai based producer Oscpllex. This EP is tailor made for the label's trademark quality and aesthetic. The production is top notch and tracks are heavy, powerful and drenched in atmosphere. 'Variation 5' is a sublime opener that sets the tone well with pleasant static interference and crisp percussion while still maintaining stronger low end. 'Variation 6' continues you deeper, pushed by waves of bass while parts 7 & 8 are more added heavyweights. Part 9 ends the EP with classic elements akin to M-series sounds. Each track stands out well by themselves and they hit all the wanted frequency ranges. A strong and diverse new addition to the Greyscale lineage that pushes the limits deeper. Straight from China!


released October 31, 2019

w&p - Oscpllex
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova


all rights reserved


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