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Lemons [GRSCLM077]

by Ajnkana

Ascorbic 07:10
Minerals 06:44
Astringent 08:12
Vitamins 07:55


Mood Series #77 welcomes one of our favorite recent artists back to the fold. Ajnkana just recently gave us 2 EP's and already here with a 3rd one in less than 5 months. When the music is this good, we just can't pass it up. 'Lemons' is the title of his latest 4 tracker but this won't leave you with a sour taste in your mouth at all. What does lemons have to do with dub techno you ask. 'Exactly' says Ajnkana as he purposely gave the songs lighthearted and playful names so one doesn't take things all too serious. You will notice throughout that the dub techno sound palette has been expanded or actually, replaced with experimentation by Ajnkana in a order to liven the overall expectations and mood. Take 'Ascorbic' for example as it favors some more grainy sounding swooshes and chords while the beat stays absolutely warm and bouncy. 'Minerals' might be the most daunting and serious of the four while again, adding a treated aggression to the accompanying sounds. Normally, Ajnkana favors not to name songs so the listener can paint their own picture. Minerals must be a clue that we need this type of sound in our life to stay alive. You may want to turn the subwoofer down some before you play this. 'Astringent' takes off where 'Ascorbic' left off adding a bit of quirkiness and diversity in the patterns while the features are next level hi-tech. The word wicked comes to mind . We had our Minerals. Now we need our Vitamins. 'Vitamin' concludes the album with a bit of a freestyle and live session progression to it. Lemons is a highly enjoyable soundtrack that has a playful edge to it. A certain highbrow tongue in cheek showing through some shady clouds. Ajnkana is on another level with this EP!


released December 21, 2022

w&p - Ajnkana
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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