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Migrations [GRSCLM082]

by Senoidal

Trappist-1d 06:52
Teegarden b 08:21
Kepler-442b 07:57


Greyscale is proud to introduce the latest artist to be featured on its' long running and highly respected Mood Series.
Hailing from Spain, Senoidal is here with a debut EP titled 'Migrations'. When asked about the concept behind the EP, he said 'The EP is the hypothetical migration of the human race to a habitable exoplanet. A long and monotonous journey through space in which the landscape won't change much...'. With that said, you immediately start bobbing your head to the beat when you hit play to 'Trappist-1d'. An extremely addictive tech groove that feels at home with the lower BPM like it is presented. Just a touch of house mood makes this blur the lines nicely between techno and house. The creative percussion sends this track over the top. Fantastic! 'Teegarden b' rides a deeper groove relishing a bit of an ominous travel. This song is nicely influenced by island dub sounds as it opens just passed mid-way. A perfect transition track from day to night. 'Kepler-442b' finishes things with a flighty and atmospheric trek into the unknown. Senoidal also added 'I am trying to reproduce that feeling of you are about to sleep in a very long journey, where the notion of time is lost.' And we definitely get that feeling throughout this EP. #82 in the Mood Series is another success! Senoidal takes us deep into outer space with these 'Migrations'.


released March 1, 2023

w&p - Senoidal
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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