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Anamnestic Echoes [GRSCLM088]

by Gonzalo Villarreal

Nyvaxal 06:59
Chromonate 07:01
Kryphtik 08:06
Thryllium 07:00


Greyscale #88 is here and ready for everyone to enjoy. 'Anamnestic Echoes' is the 2nd EP from Gonzalo Villarreal in the Mood Series and we are awfully happy he is back with hi-styled deep techno. 'Nyvaxal' is the perfect track that gets the entire floor up and ready for some great techno. A great combination of addictive and deep. This could be said about the entire EP though. 'Chromonate' is definitely another strong mover. The fun factor is high here and this is the kind of techno that brings a big grin on your face. 'Kryphtik' presents itself a bit techier but the infectious beat still reigns you in quickly. Gonzalo Villarreal does a great job of scoring beats that really pull you in your body and mind. The EP winds down with perhaps the most dub-techno track of the four in 'Thryllium'. The rubber-band bassline works great with the effortless chord work that Gonzalo weaves in this fine piece of dance music. All and all, the entire EP is outstanding from start to finish and it will have you wanting more. 'Anamnestic Echoes' above anything else is great dancefloor deep techno. Mood Series is a happy home for Gonzalo Villarreal's fantastic works!


released May 10, 2023

w&p - Gonzalo Villarreal
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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