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In The Dense of Night [GRSCLM081]

by Krystian Shek

Surabaya 04:36
Fluids 06:08
Sukhumvit 05:17


The Mood Series continues to push along in 2023 with quality release after quality release. #81 comes to us from a producer who is getting plenty of attention and rightly so! Krystian Shek is becoming a house hold name the last few years especially after in total now well over 25 years of a brilliant music discography. 'In The Dense Of Night' is his latest EP but first for the Greyscale label. The depth you get from 4 tracks here is truly astounding. 'Surabaya' begins the EP on a strong note. There is a tremendous balance of ominous and positivity within the track. It hits all the right notes and is a strong dancefloor mover. Just deep enough but not losing why dance music should ultimately be fun. The title track has a great two-step shuffle to it. Immediately, it has you nodding your head. It already pulled you in with the hypnotic rhythm. From there, things take a turn for the darker...an evil grin appears on your face. For those that like to dance in the dark. 'Fluids' is a gentle builder but don't let that comment fool you. This has just enough tech to get those feet tapping. The break and buildup of the melody is pure magic. Amazing how balanced this track is. Subdued but still crushes. Production genius there! 'Sukhumvit' is the deepest here of the four. The rolling bass frequencies are next level while the track rises and falls so smoothly. Krystian Shek has quite the talent. An EP that is sure to make anyone an immediate fan of his work. We hope to see Krystian back real soon on the label. We can't get enough of this!


released February 22, 2023

w&p - Krystian Shek
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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