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Redscale 09 (Black Repress)

by grad_u

A1 Holdback 10:20


2020 limited repress of this classic REDSCALE release!
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Ninth instalment of Redscale. grad_u with a masterpiece of dub techno.

“Holdback”, an unexpected twist of events for followers of Redscale, is actually a bold step forward in terms of pace and light. The enticing chords work like a magnet, and the potential of the lady on the mic is no lower than that one of a siren. The personal weapons of grad_u, the most powerful of which are the embracing loops, are of course out there, indicating the producer’s inner spirit and roots.

Picking up where “Holdback” left off, “Outwards from Laniakea” is a statement more rugged, yet as absolute as the message on side A. It’s an invitation to put that jacket back to the cloakroom, switch off that phone and let yourself go, again and again. It’s, once again, a compelling statement against conformity.


Supported by John Osborn, Ben Sims, DJ Deep, Cari Lekebusch, Jonas Kopp, Shlømo, Josh Wink, Ben Sims, Echoplex, Andrey Pushkarev, Andre Kronert, Drumcell, Bleak, Matteo Pitton, Don Williams, Wata Igarashi, Regal, Mark Broom, Marcus Intalex / Trevino, Ryan James Ford, Francois X, J. Tijn, Opuswerk, Binny, Albert van Abbe and many more...


released February 18, 2020


all rights reserved


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