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Wow​!​-​signal [GRSCLM069]

by Armin Bender

Black Light 06:55
Core 05:46


Mood Series #69 is now out for you to enjoy. Armin Bender has been really impressing us all with his production since he's been with us. Besides having a track featured on the next limited Exposure series EP, he steps in with a 3 tracker for the Mood Series called 'Wow!-signal'! When searching for an appropriate name for this album Armin happened to be reading an article on a young astronomer finding a possible source for the famed 'Wow!-signal'. But what is the 'Wow!-signal'? Well, think of the movie Contact and you are half-way there. But for those that haven't seen that movie...Back in 1977, astronomers working with the Big Ear Radio Telescope—at the time, situated in Delaware, Ohio—recorded a unique signal from somewhere in space. It was so strong and unusual that one of the workers on the team, Jerry Ehman, famously wrote the word Wow! on the printout. Despite many years of trying to revisit, no one has ever been able to trace the source of the signal or explain the strong, unique signal, which lasted for all of 72 seconds. Since that time, many people have suggested the only explanation for such a strong and unique signal is extraterrestrial intelligent life. Naturally, Armin was inspired and linked the two together than in his own work is also searching for that certain sound to help create that Wow moment for listeners. 'Black Light' is one of the most devastatingly heavy dub techno tracks we have heard in a long time. The acid line really makes this one cook with energy. Verging on trance, the only restrain on going full on is the dub elements that keep it at bay. An intense ride to say the least! 'Core' follows that up with a deep dub groove that leads a hard lined chord-driven tech jam of stimulating proportions. A unique middle portion to the song allows for a fantastic clearing of head as the pace returns for a resounding, more percussion driven rhythm ending. Lastly, 'Up in the Air' is another stomper not shy in its intentions. This one deserves a bit of a rave fist. This EP no doubt packs a big punch. And we definitely think Armin achieved many Wow moments with the works he has given us here.


released August 31, 2022

w&p - Armin Bender
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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