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Static Phase [GRSCL22]

by lotech/hijack



Greyscale's full length album discography has seen quite a growth and diversity in the last few years. #22 takes us all the way to Canada for our first visit with lotech/hijack from Kitchener, Ontario. Many do not know the impact of Detroit techno on this area over the past 35 years but with just over a few hours' worth of a drive and you could be in the epicenter of what's considered the birthplace of techno. Growing up around this inspiration thru the 80s and 90s was magical, influencing his DJing of the harder side of techno with such artists as Surgeon, Joel Mull, T-1000 and others. As time has gone on, his love has evolved for slower and deeper atmospheric techno has begun to show more and more. Now, with creating music this focus has manifested itself in full. His 2nd full length titled 'Static Phase', is 8 tracks or phases of fantastic atmospheric dub techno.

After a mood setting intro, 'Phase II' gives us the first glimpse at what makes his tracks so addictive. A few elements continue to alter as the track carries on at a gentle pace. The tracks are not so much building an anticipation as they focused on hooking you into the groove and sounds. 'Phase III' continues the slower BPM dub vibes with an equally hypnotic workhorse that is a touch darker. 'Phase IV' adds a nice touch accentuating the bassline while adding a touch of melancholy. With everything at a slower pace, the individual sounds reverberate and ring out in a unique and appealing way. 'Phase V' adds some light percussion and extends some of the delays even further out giving it the most classic dub sound found on this full length. Parts 7 and 8 finish off the release with some forays into more ambient pieces ending the album on a poignant and soft landing. This is a very mature offering from an artist new to releasing music. However, you can see his background and experience coming thru on the overall sound of 'Static Phase'. Get a copy in the amazing packaging that Greyscale offer or get a download. You do not want to miss this!



released June 15, 2022

w&p David Karwowski

Mastering: grad_u

Artwork & Photography: Rima Prusakova
Package design: Arthur Nikitin
Write-up: Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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