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Empty Corridors [GRSCLM063]

by Ajnkana

0 49 07:06
1 37 07:27
1 51 08:41
2 42 08:09


Mood Series #63 comes to us from producer Ajnkana who is UK based. The beautiful seaside county of Cornwall to be exact. With its amazing views along the coastlines to the bucolic fields, rivers and woodlands. Being taken by your surrounding is natural. A stark contrast to the type of landscape he is most inspired by though. 'Empty Corridors' is that dichotomy that lives and breathes of urban decay and architecture within a natural earth as a backdrop. The themes of being devoid of color is a natural dub techno visual element that has been synonymous with the genre since inception. "Greyscale is an apt name" says "Ajnkana. The visual seems to be a running theme in the genre of dub techno but "...there is much diversity (in the sound)..." he exclaims in response to a recent youtuber comment about all dub techno being an imitation of the Basic Channel standard. With a background degree in sound and music technology, Ajnkana believes his music honors the lineage but feels his music is more than just dancefloor music. At least he's not concerned about it being directed solely to would be dancers. Music that is nice to relax to just sip a drink to in your favorite armchair or even to meditate to is also a worthwhile application. "...buried in your headphones exploring a kind of meditation. So, it has that almost spiritual quality, even on occasion the music itself takes me to a dissociative state" he says. The music of "Empty Corridors" is equally as deep in thought. '0 49' slowly rises out of the depth to present a unique landscape of scenic industry elements. Spacious delays give the listener the impression of a primordial language being relayed over long distances. An ideal track to lose yourself in and a heady example of next level dub techno production. Track '1 37' develops this style further with an ominous and heavy layer of slow evolving chords. Notable, is the distance of the rhythm in the foreground working in tandem with the atmosphere to reach a subliminal and triumphant peak. That strategy is effectively used throughout the EP giving the songs a spacious feel and depth. We urge you to take multiple listens as each time through makes the synthetic world more and more clear to comprehend in. '1 51' entrances you in a richly textured dub atmosphere at a roots dub pace. The balance of a dub track to heavily hypnotize yet also can work softly as background music must be a creative goal that the genre inspires to. '2 42' can do those both. Ajnkana is optimistic about the future of dub techno and says "...I don't feel dub techno is going stale anytime soon. I hope it is here to stay for much time to come."
We at Greyscale think so as well. And with worthy music being made like 'Empty Corridors', we will continue to help champion it to those who look for it.


released July 6, 2022

w&p - Ajnkana
mastering - grad_u
artwork - Rima Prusakova
write-up - Tim Humphrey


all rights reserved


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